Shooting The Sharpest Pictures

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LensAlign is a breakthrough that will increase your yield of sharp shots for every photo session or shoot. 

Your camera and lens must be perfectly calibrated in order to get the sharpest images.  You probably assume they were tested together at some point. But they were manufactured and inspected independently.  The focusing errors created by this separate testing can range from subtle to dramatic, and are far more common than most photographers believe, even with the most expensive equipment. 

LensAlign is the industry’s most highly recognized solution for properly “marrying” cameras with their lenses.  It’s an integrated and comprehensive system that allows you to check for focus errors and set an offset value, within the camera, to prevent future errors.

The system combines a patented, precision 3-dimensional hardware target with its companion software.  This provides the objective analysis required for optimal autofocus settings.  Together, LensAlign and FocusTune offer the assurance that your cameras and lenses can be matched to achieve maximum sharpness when using autofocus.

The LensAlign system makes the calibration process straightforward and thorough.  Most importantly, the results are both objective and perceivable.  LensAlign quite literally protects the investment you’ve made in your photography. 

The integrated LensAlign / FocusTune system has undergone continued refinements since its introduction more than six years ago.  Our latest Generation 4 hardware and software represents the same commitment as the day we started— to help photographers shoot their best.