LensAlign MkII Focus Target w/FocusTune Software
(Fusion Bundle)



Includes LensAlign MkIi Generation 4 & FocusTune V4 download link with Activation Serial#

LensAlign Fusion is a money saving bundle consisting of the LensAlign MkII hardware and FocusTune software. The latest MkII and FocusTune incorporate design changes that optimize the speed, accuracy, and reporting necessary for efficient determination of the proper autofocus adjustment for your camera and lenses. The LensAlign Fusion integrated system offers features and performance that cannot be matched by other methods.  Your LensAlign MkII will be shipped to you, and your FocusTune License Key and download link will be emailed to you.

LensAlign MkII Autofocus Calibration Target
(Generation 4)

LensAlign MkII Target (Generation 4)

LensAlign MkII yields the same accuracy as the original LensAlign PRO system (no longer in production) and also uses the same proprietary patent pending TPA™ (True Parallel Alignment™) sighting system. TPA assure that the focus target is perfectly parallel to the camera imaging sensor, which is required for accurate and repeatable focus test and AF micro-adjustment.


The LensAlign MkII features a 2.5x10.5 inch Gen 4 Focus Display Ruler and a 1/4-20 standard tripod socket. A 2.5 foot optional long ruler kit is also available (details below). The MkII disassembles to a flat-state for travel and location use, and is shipped in this flat state (assembly is a ~5 minute process and does not require any tools).